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Welcome to TheMinersPðnd

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Welcome to TheMinersPðnd

The top 4 Ethereum mining pools currently hold around 70% of the hashing power, and thus control the future of the network.

Considering votes are determined by consensus, and when you mine to a pool, that pools account is the voter, 70% of the vote is held by 4 groups.

This puts the future of Ethereum and many other crypto currencies at risk.

Our goal at TheMinersPðnd is to provide a place to mine for others as well as strengthen the network we are working with.

We will always try to provide as much information as possible to help you in any way we can.

At TheMinersPðnd we will do our best to provide a competitive and easy to use platform,
so that we may all prosper and keep our eyes on the future.

This is why we strive to provide you with as many resources as possible. A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.

These forums are here to provide you with a place to meet new people as well as learn and grow, no matter your skill set or expertise.

While you're here, remember that you had to learn it once as will many others, and if you are just starting try to read as much as possible before asking questions. No question is meritless, an unknown is an unknown.

Remember to enjoy yourselves.