Beginners Guide

If you do NOT already have an Ξthereum account.

The easiest way to get started if you do NOT have a wallet already, is to sign up for an account at an exchange. Be careful, there are a few exchanges that charge large fees. I suggest an exchange like Bittrex .

Or download the official wallet or a supported third party wallet from

If you downloaded a private wallet, you create an account on first start when you enter a password. Make sure the password you use is strong, this is the key to your wallet and can never be changed. Write it down, take a picture or something. Just make sure you keep it safe and secure. Also, backup your actual wallet key file for your account and store it in a safe place (safe, bank, vault) with your password.

Once you create an account you will need your address.

At Bittrex you will go to Wallets and find "Ξthereum" then either click the "+" next to it, or click "ETH" then go to the Wallet tab.

Once you create a wallet address be sure to keep this address somewhere accessible as you will need it to direct your mining profit to.

My personal suggestion

Mine to the Bittrex account for a few days to get a bit of ethereum to play with, then build up for an exchange and then eventually a withdraw.

This will give you an opourtunity to learn on an "easy" to use platform while building up your stockpile of Ξthereum to trade for your choice of currency.

Be aware of trading fees as well as wire fees your bank may charge for accepting wires.

If you already have an account.

In order for you to mine on this pool you will need a mining client such as ethminer


Since crypto currencies popularity has been on the rise, mining malware has been on the rise, so now all mining software is detected as a virus by most antivirus software, like Norton or AVG or McAfee. Be sure to get the mining software from a reputable source, like the link above.

Prewritten Scripts

Once you download the mining software, extract it to a folder, then copy the script in to the folder.
Change these accordingly to reflect your account and type of graphics card.
-G for AMD OpenCL -U for Nvidia Cuda
Then double click the script to run it.

Windows My_Ethminer_ETH_Script.bat
Note : In a Linux environment you will have to make the script executable.

You should now see something like this ...

Congratulations, you are now officially mining!

Now look up your stats!